We went to Legoland with my 4.5 year old son and my 6.5 daughter this July and here are my tips on how to enjoy it to the max!

Legoland aint cheap. The walk-in price is £46.80 for adults (over 16) and £41.40 for children over 3 plus £4 for standard parking, i.e £180.40 for two adults and two children including parking. We used Tesco vouchers to get one free day in Legoland and Kellogs vouchers to get free entry for adults on a second day, so we paid approx £90 for two days at Legoland including parking.

You can get Qbots that allow you to virtually queue for rides. I’m not exactly sure how they work but essentially you choose your ride, it tells you can next get on, you go off an do other things until that time and then go to the Qbot entrance at the ride and get on. They cost £35 per person per day!

We stayed in a Travelodge in Windsor on one night and a Travelodge in Slough the second night. It was good to visit both places but Windsor is by far the more picturesque of the two. If you stay in Windsor the Carlucci cafe just around the corner from the Travelodge, do a coffee and pastry for £2 before 11:00am.

You can’t use vouchers if you book online so if you don’t have any i suggest you book in advance and save up to 30%. You can also save by buying a two day ticket instead of two one-day tickets.

I think Legoland is best suited to 5 – 8 year olds, but it all depends on the child. Most rides require children to be over .9m to go on with an adult and 1.3m to go on it without an adult. So if one of your children is under .9m they won’t be able to go on most rides. If they’re under 1.3 you’ll have to go on the rides with them, which might be a issue for a parent with two kids.

The park doesn’t open till 10:30 but you can pay after 10am and wait at the top of the hill for them to lift the barrier. We noticed that it got really busy after 11 and quietened down after 3pm, probably because the school tours headed home.

We went in July before the English schoolkids were off on holidays but even then it was busy. Most rides had a wait time of about 20 minutes but some were 45 minutes. The second day we visited we took the hill car down to the bottom of the park and went on the rides there first so there were no queues for the first few rides because most of the crowd worked from the top down instead.

There are a few attractions that don’t have a wait time which i’d recommend you do to mix it up.  Otherwise the day might feel like just one big wait.

The rides that we liked the best were as follows;

  • Land of the Viking’s River Splash (wet ride) – make sure your kids are able to hold-on for this. It can be very bumpy!
  • Pirate Shores’ Pirate Falls: Treasure Quest (wet ride) – often has a long waiting time
  • Adventure Land’s Squid Surfer (wet ride, but not too much)
  • Atlantis Submarine Voyage (underwater submarine trip through real marine aquarium) – This was our kids favourite ride of all, and ours!
  • The Dragon (rollercoaster)
  • Jolly Rocker (Swinging boat) – our kids thought this was too scary so we didn’t go on it.
  • Spinning Spider – our kids were too scared to go on this too but it looked good
  • Boating School (electric motor boats on a canal)
  • Traffic School (kid’s electric cars) – good fun but very short ride

Attractions that you don’t need to queue for include

  • Loki’s Labyrinth (a maze)
  • Mini Land (Lego’s original minature models)
  • Duplo Water Park – wonderful attractive weather permitting. The water is cold so you need it to be quite warm. There are changing rooms but not many toilets in the area so visit loo near Dupl Brickville instead.
  • Duplo Brickville- playground suitable for smaller kids
  • Castaway Camp – playground suitable for larger kids

Timetabled Attractions that are worth a visit.

  • Imagination Centre
  • Duplo Theatre Puppet Show – great incentive to get kids out of water park
  • Pirate’s Shores Pirates of Skeleton Bay Stunt Show – our kids absolutely adored this. It’s a popular attraction so get there early to get a good spot. Some areas get splashed quite a bit and are marked as such so pick carefully.

Food in the park is quite expensive but kids eat for free after 3pm. The best value in food appeared to be in the Pizza & Pasta place in Pirate Shores where adults pay £11.95 for all you can eat and kids pay £7.95 before 3pm. You can also get ‘proper’ coffee for £3.50 in the same area in the Harbourside Coffee co. Alternatively there is a picnic spot down in Adventure Land.

Lego is surprising expensive in Legoland, more expensive than in toystores! The least expensive Lego item were bags of little helicopter kits and similar costing £2.99  in a shop at the top of the park (The Beginning).

Strangely enoughly there are no ‘Emmets’ or ‘Wildstyle’ characters wandering around the park, which our kids were a bit dissappointed about. There was only one guy dressed as a Lego brick!


Even if you’re not planning a trip the images in the blog post by Bored Panda are awe inspiring.