Things to do with Kids

July 18, 2016

M&M pebble

Decorate pebbles to look like M&M’s

Make a moving paper fish.

Homemade Puffy Paint

Make Homemade Puffy Paint with just 3 ingredients

3D Hand Drawing

Make a 3D drawing of your hand

corner bookmark

Make a corner bookmark

Or have a country-theme dinner and get the kids to make decorations to suit like flags, place mats, etc and source fun facts about the country while you serve its traditional dishes.



Super Mario Party

January 19, 2016

It was my son’s 6th birthday over the weekend so we decided to throw him a Super Mario party. I spent ages on the decorations, which i mostly sourced online and printed ourselves so although it took quite a while to do it wasn’t expensive.

Super Mario Party Backdrop

I downloaded most of the characters for the background from One-hip Mama and Clipart Sheep. I used the question box graphic as a template to make a Happy Birthday banner. I enlarged the graphic of the Piranha Plant, printed it, cut it out and stuck card to the back of it to stiffen it. I used a card buttress at the back of the Piranha Plants and the ‘pipes’ to make them stand up. The runner under the sweet treats is from Tesco for (€1.89 for two metres)

Super Mario Birthday Banner

I got the printables for this banner from Oh My Fiesta and used a Super Mario Font, which you can download, to complete with my son’s name and age. I bought blue ribbon for it in Home Focus (€0.50 per metre)

Pin the Nose on Mario Poster

I tweaked a printable from Oh My Fiesta to make this Mario poster. Then i printed out a second copy of his face, which i mounted on card before trimming so i just had his nose and moustache. I just put bluetack on the back of the nose and moustache to help it stick to the poster.

Super Mario Party Food

The Super Mario food was a combination of Yoshi Egg cookies (biscuits decorated with white icing with red or blue spots), Mario Fire Balls (Burger Bite crisps), Luigi Gold Coins (chocolate coins wrapped in gold foil from Aldi) and Toad cupcakes (fairycakes / cupcakes iced with fondant icing with two lines of chocolate icing for eyes! I edited the ‘Starman’ graphic and used the Super Mario font to make the food signs. We also served pizza and cocktail sausages, which were pierced with with these Super Mario cupcake picks from Beach Bums.

Super Mario Cake

My cake decorating skills won’t win any awards but my son was delighted with my version of the Super Mario Wii game. Using plastic figurines to decorate the cake really helped with the final result! I also had to make him a cake for his actually birthday (his party was on a different day)

Bowser Castle Cake

Super Mario Party Ware

I got the yellow plates (€1.99, green napkins (€1.49), blue cups (€1.99) and red paper tablecloth (€1.99 for 5 metres) from Mr Price, the green paper straws (€1.49) from the Euroshop and the table runner is Super Mario wrapping paper that i got for €1 in Smyths Toys. I printed and cut out the Pirhana plant heads and use PVA glue to stick them onto the straws. I also printed and out the moustaches templates and use PVA to stick them to the cups. I finished each place setting off with a chocolate coin wrapped in gold foil from Aldi.

Super Mario Favour Boxes

I got the printable for these boxes from Oh My Fiesta.

A found a few other printables that i didn’t use for the party. Here they are;


DIY Paper Vase Cover

July 19, 2015

DIY Paper Vase

I think this is pure genius. So simple and yet so stylish. Can’t remember where i got this image from so if it’s yours please let me know and i’ll link it to your blog / website.


This is a very useful post for anyone who wants to do fancy icing but doesn’t have a set of piping nozzles by Ann Reardon from


Sharpie Decorated Lightbulb

Bamboo Steamer Boxes

A simple coat of paint to stackable bamboo steam-baskets makes for a nice sewing box. Originally published on Martha Stewart’s website.

Wine Glass lampshade

For a simple inexpensive way to dress a table click here. And for an even quicker way to do it ……


coffee cup lampshade



Button Pushpins

March 1, 2014

Button Pushpins

I saw these over in London and decided to make some at home with the myriad of left over buttons i have. What a clever way to recycle them!


Alumium Decorations

February 8, 2014

Aluminium Ornaments

I think these are a really cute alternative to strung CD’s or netting in the veg garden. I’ll give them a go this year and let you know how i get on. For instructions visit little house in the suburbs


Heart Crayons

Every family with kids has broken crayons. Here’s a great way to recycle them and make a useful valentine present for their friends. Go to petite planet for instructions.