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Free Circular Economy / Design Toolkits

As part of my Masters I reviewed 6 free circular economy / design toolkits. Some of the toolkits were focused on behaviour change and others on redesign of products, services and business model. Here is my analysis of each toolkit. I've divided up the tool kits under various headings based on what I consider them … Continue reading Free Circular Economy / Design Toolkits

What is the Circular Economy?

We currently live in predominantly linear world; we extract, make, use and dispose of most things. The circular economy is turns that line into a circle so that we end up reusing goods and materials in perpetuity. This can be achieved a number of ways, whether it's switching to compostable or infinitely recyclable materials, or … Continue reading What is the Circular Economy?

About Me

  Hi I am a designer with a background in furniture design and interior architecture currently studying for a Masters in Product Design for the Circular Economy in NCAD, Dublin. As part of my studies I am exploring the potential for circularity in the design, manufacture and use of sofas in Ireland. My research is … Continue reading About Me