Great Social Initiatives

September 28, 2014

Kildarestreet is an Irish based searchable archive of everything that’s been said in the Dáil and all written parliamentary questions since January 2004, everything in the Seanad since September 2002, and all Committee meetings since September 2012.

Swapaskill is a UK based on-line community enabling users to register their skills or expertise in their personal profile page and meet people who have the skills they need.

BestHouseSwap is an American bulletin board that allows many home buyers and sellers to find a perfect property for exchange.

A mighty girl has a mission to provide books, toys and movies that depict smart, confident and courageous female characters as an antidote to the looks-obsessed princess culture that overwhelms girls in our Western culture.

Reusing Dublin – experimental research project that invites citizens to map underused spaces in the city so that collectively we can identify opportunities for using the city more efficiently for the benefit of everyone.

#Fruitshare is a twitter handle people can use to share their fruit surplus on Twitter with others who are interested in taking some.

LETS is a scheme for local people to exchange skills, goods and services using an alternative currency unit

The Red Cross have installed arcade game machines in Swedish airports that lets you donate money to charity by playing an arcade game with your left over currency.

The  Humanitas retirement home in Deventer, the Netherlands offers free accomodation to students if they spend at least 30 hours per month acting as “good neighbors”

Falling Fruit is an initiative to map the locations of fruiting trees and plants on public land throughout the world.

Credibles is an American based company empowering customers to invest in their own community by enabling local food businesses to sell store credit — called ‘credibles’. They do this by allowing customers to set up a prepaid tab which they can then use instore, giving the business a small financial boost in the mean time.

Roadie is shaking up the shipping industry with its peer-to-peer shipping network in America, which matches customers’ cargo to drivers with empty car seats heading in the right direction.

CityShelf is  a co-operative platform comprised of eight indie bookstores, which enables customers to browse the full catalogues of eight independent New York bookstores online before heading there to make a purchase.

Anou is an Etsy-style online marketplace which enables Moroccan artisans to sell their wares directly to western consumers. The marketplace is language free, so artisans can upload and sell their handmade crafts without having to overcome the language barrier which prevents them from using existing sites such as eBay or Etsy.

The Glia app takes into account a consumer’s full range of social, political and economic values and recommends businesses that support those beliefs and those which work against them.

Community projects make use of empty office space

Auction site connects entrepreneurs with business leaders and money raised goes to charities and non-profits – Connect for a cause

Meal sharing amongst neighbours – Cassorole is based on a simple idea; Buy one condom and donate one to women in the developing world.

the Information Blanket for new mums in developing world. Works on the buy one donate one model.

Thunderclap help people with a social message to break through the noise by coordinating messages from all supporters at the same time.

aVOID helps consumers stay away from products associated with the exploitation of children. allows people with great ideas to attract funding from friends, family and supporters.

In Madrid, dog poo left in public places is mailed back to owners. The Council of Brunete’s Cacas Express scheme saw those neglecting to pick up their dog’s poo have it sent back to them in the post.

Missing Kids Stamps is a grassroots movement that wants to encourage people to use stamps bearing the faces of missing children whenever they send a physical letter. is a clever iniative that matches food nearing it’s sell by date with charities. A message about the stock up for grabs is sent to the charities that sign up and they just have to text back to request it.

The Street Store is a pop-up shop for homeless people that started in South Africa. Locals can just hang-up clothes on the purpose made sign / hangers that are dotted around the pop-up store.

Streetbank – This is a website that allows neighbours to give or lend stuff away to one another.


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