Healthy Teeth in Kids

September 13, 2013

Was just at a talk on oral health in my daughter’s school and i learned a few things that i didn’t know so i thought i’d share them here.

Kids under 2 should not use toothpaste. It can actually damage their teeth if they do.

Kids toothpaste doesn’t have enough fluoride in it to be of any use.

Cleaning teeth should begin as soon as the teeth appear, using a cloth to rub the tooth. Dentists don’t feel that rubber or silicon finger cleaners offer enough abrasion to be of  any use.

It is very important to protect baby teeth because they lead the way for permanent teeth. If they have to be removed due to decay the permanent tooth may have difficulty coming through properly.

Everytime we consume something with sugar in it we’re causing an acid attack. Our teeth can cope with up to 4 a day, which covers breakfast, lunch, dinner and one other. Grazing throughout the day or drinking sugary drinks leads to more frequent acid attacks than teeth can cope with.

It’s not the amount of sugar in food or drinks that causes damage to children’s teeth, it’s the number of times that they have sugar. Therefore a small amount of strong juice or cordial is better than a longer weaker drink because the latter is consumed over time leading to more acid attacks on the teeth. If possible sugary drinks, including smoothies and probiotic drinks should be consumed at meal times. Also it is better for a child to each a full packet of sweets in one sitting rather than having one every hour or so.



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