Clever uses for Tinfoil

August 20, 2013

Maximise the use of used tinfoil / aluminium foil before you through it out!

Scrubber – Wadded-up foil is better than steel wool at scrubbing off stuck-on food, rust and anything else. Along with simple baking soda, foil makes an excellent scrubber to scour not only pots and pans (non-stick only), but oven doors and barbeque grills as well. It also removes rust from steel and chrome, so when something needs a good scrub, use a fist full of foil to do the trick.

Sharpener – Cutting foil with scissors actually sharpens the blades. Fold over used foil into seven or eight layers and then slice several times for sharpened scissors.

Static Eraser – Toss a small ball of reused foil in your clothes dryer for a static cling reducer that is also chemical-free.

Protect Plants – Young outdoor plants such as pots of tomatoes or herbs may need protection from worms and other pests. Wrap a strip of foil around the base stem of any plant to prevent critters from crawling up.

Extracted from a post on Organic Authority


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