Impressively Easy Cakes

June 11, 2013

aquarium cake

I made a version of this cake for my husbands birthday this year and it was super, super, easy. To see how to make the non-fish elements here’s a video tutorial for a aquarium cake.

You Rock cake

This is my own creation. Apologies for the crap photo!

cookie crown cake

Cookie Crown Cake recipe

Round Smartie CakeRainbow Smartie CakeHeart Smartie Cakesimple iced cakeKitten Cakecaterpillar cakeStawberry Gateaux

See here for Strawberry Gateaux recipe by chef James Martin

Mixed Fruit Shortbread

Click here for Mixed Fruit Shortbread Recipe by chef James Martin

Bathing Pigs Cake

Bathing Pigs cake by Dutchcake makers Taartjes van Fiona

Stars and Moon cake from Martha StewartPirate CakePolka Dot Cake from Martha Stewart


One Response to “Impressively Easy Cakes”

  1. …This is too cute! I’m a baker. And I love stuff like this! Cute and yummy.

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