Brilliant short-cuts to life

January 19, 2013

tracking antibioticturn steering wheel to keep cool
Fitted sheet on beach
DIY sun tattoo
Use Talc to remove sand
tip for removing rounded screws
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Apologies to Bored Panda for robbing another blog post but they’re simply brilliant for this kinda thing. Their original life hack post lists 40 ideas, here are my favorite 15.


  • Covered in sand after a day at the beach? Dump a small amount of baby powder onto your hands and rub over your arms, and legs to remove the sand.
  • Dry your clothes faster and save money on your electric bill by tossing a clean dry towel in with your wet clothes.
  • Apply a cotton ball soaked in vinegar to fresh bruises. The vinegar will help reduce any darkness and cause the bruise to disappear faster.



PS – Here are some more that i found on


Tie your shoelace in 2 seconds!

For Microwave life hacks check out this videao from 5 minute crafts



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