Easy Dinosaur Cake or Dragon Cake

January 15, 2013

Dinosaur cake

Although it won’t win any awards i’m really proud of the Dragon / dinosaur cake that i made for my son on his third birthday this weekend. I got the recipe from a book by Carol Deacon. She has excellent easy-to-do birthday cakes.

It’s simply a 5 egg sponge cake recipe cooked in a 2 litre pudding bowl, iced with green butter icing and decorated with green fondant icing. The front leg uses 90g of fondant icing, the back 120g, the tail 150g and the remaining fondant is used for the ears, eyebrows and head. The scales along the dragon’s back are simple after-eight mints cut in half. The ‘scales’ on the fondant icing are made with the rear of an icing nozzle and the nostrils are made with the end of a paint brush. I used silver balls for eyes and cut up some white candy sprinkles for teeth.

Now if you want to see some truely spectacular sugar craft feast your eyes on the work of Debbie Brown (top) and Carlos Lichetti (bottom).

Debbie Brown Cake




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