Affordable Free-range

June 17, 2012

English farmer Jimmy Doherty managed to achieve the holy grail of affordable free-range meat in English Supermarkets this year. He developed a free-range pork sausage and free-range chicken kiev for Tesco which is now being stocked in some of their stores in England. Amazingly they retail at the same price as the non-free-range alternatives. You can watch the programme here 

He’s yet to get Tesco on board with his proposed rose veal meatballs but here’s hoping. Currently male dairy calves are shot soon after birth because there isn’t a market for their meat. Veal got such a bad name in the 80’s because of the rearing techniques but these have all been done away with. I hope that Jimmy and Tesco manage to get the message out that rose veal is humanely farmed and that by eating it we’re preventing the wasteful killing of perfectly good animals.

If you’d like to convince Tesco to stock the affordable free-range meat or rose veal in your local store email



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