The Proper Treatment for Eczema

May 21, 2012

A friend told me today about the mis-information that she received from two GP’s and one public health nurse in relation to her son’s eczema. When she finally got to see a consultant he told her the proper treatment and her son’s eczema, which he had for years, was virtually cured in a week. Here is the advice she received.

For the first week she gave her son 4 cool, short baths a day. In the bath you melt LOTS of Silcocks Base (or emulsifying ointment).  It’s easiest to melt this in in a cup of boiling hot water first and then add it to the bath water. After the bath she patted him dry – no rubbing – layered on the steroid cream, left that for 15 minutes after which she smothered on oilatum. Use Silcocks Base or emulsifying ointment regularly during the day on any bad parts, eg every nappy change or every meal.  The green Aveno (with oatmeal) is great on places like the face where the Silcocks Base would be too thick.

The consultant gave her various strengths of steroid cream to use. The started out with the strongest cream on day one and worked down to the weakest by day seven.  She was also advised to avoid E45 and Otilium creams even though they are marketed for eczema.  

She also advises that it was much better to use the strong one for a couple of days and get it cleared rather than use the mild ones on and off all the time and never really clear it.  She advises not to stop using the steroid cream, even when it looks much better. For example use it 4 times a day until it clears, then twice a day for the next day, then once the day after and possibly once every second day for a couple of days after that, otherwise it comes back. 

The key is to break the circle of dry skin – itchy -scratching. Once you get the skin clear it is much easier to deal with any flare-ups that occur. 

Hope that information helps some stressed out parents out there.



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