Tis good to recieve

March 29, 2012

I firmly believe in passing on and recycling as much as possible and i’m proof that you get what you give. Over the past year i’ve received all of the following for free from family, friends, neighbours and strangers in the street;

  • fridge freezer worth about €300
  • bracket for LCD tv worth about €200
  • lawnmower worth about €100
  • 150 year old storage turn worth about €200
  • wardrobe, dresser and locker worth about €700
  • Sisal rug worth €130
  • 6 bedroom chairs worth about €200
  • 8 1950’s dining room chairs worth about €600
  • 1950’s dressing table worth about €150
  • kids playhouse worth about €100 (we’ve passed this on)
  • another kids playhouse worth about €200
  • kids sandpit worth about €50
  • kids sand tabel worth about €50
  • kids bike and helmet worth about €60
  • kids scooter worth about €40
  • laptop worth about €800
  • two large terracotta pots worth about €150
  • two bay trees in terracotta pots worth about €250
  • single mattress worth about €100
  • countless plants worth about €300
  • wardrobes of clothes for my two kids worth about €1000



One Response to “Tis good to recieve”

  1. […] looking for something has turned into great way of finding free / low-cost hand-me-downs. In 2012 I estimated that we were gifted over €5,000 worth of goods that we needed. The trick is to say no […]

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