Treating Chicken Pox in a 2 year old.

January 5, 2012

My poor son is currently suffering with chicken pox. He doesn’t have it as bad as most but here’s what we’ve used to make life easier for him.

  • Baths with bicarbonate of soda
  • Eurax Cream to stop the itching. We haven’t needed to used it but we’ve been told that Poxclin is very good if the itching is very bad. It’s dear though at €20.
  • Phenergan and Calpol to keep down fever and to help him sleep. You can give these together and if you want you can give the daily dose of phenergan before bedtime to aid sleep.

My son didn’t get his fever until after the spots appeared but most parents tell me that crankiness and inexplicable fever is often the first indication that chicken pox is on it’s way.

Remember to look out for other illnesses too. My son also cutting a new tooth 3 days into his bout of chicken pox. We didn’t cop it because we were focused on the spots, which meant we were a bit slow to give Nurofen and so he didn’t sleep well at all because of that.

My doctor warned me that it’s very usual for kids to get pnuemonia a week or two after a bout of chicken pox and to be on the look out for it.



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