Non-Plastic Gifts for Kids

December 13, 2011

I’m desperately trying to reduce the amount of plastic i buy this Christmas. Can’t saying i’m succeeding but here are some nice gift ideas for kids that I think are a bit easier on the environment.

Kids apron and hat – Home Store and More (Approx €5),  House of Fraser (Rachel Allen for €12)

Wooden Bead Set – Debenhams  or TK Max (Mellissa & Doug Brand €12.50)

Wooden Stamp Set – Debenhams (Mellissa & Doug Brand €9.50)

Wooden Castle / House – Homebase have  a cute castle for €22 and Argos often have some good deals on timber houses / shops

Glove Puppets – Art and Hobby Shop (approx €20)

Costumes – Argos (approx €20). I know that polyester is a form of plastic but i don’t feel it’s as bad as hard plastic.

Outfits for Dolls – Tesco (€4.99) Smyths (approx €9)

Craft Sets – I adore the stuff from They’re not cheap but they’re oh so beautiful

Jewellery Boxes – Particularly if they’re made from paper like the ones M&S sell from time to time (approx €15)

Face Paints

Cardboard Masks –  Hamleys sell of brilliant book of 28 pop-out masks for €7. Aldi have smaller versions of the same book from Hinkler from time to time.

Ceramic Piggy Banks

Door plaques with childs name – ELC, Art and Hobby Store or some pharmacists

Height Charts

Blackboards – Ikea do a lovely wooden one for about €20

Jigsaws – Any toy store

Posters – Easons or Banba, HMV or Toymaster

Sticker Sets 

Stationary Sets and Letter Writing Sets

Skipping Ropes with wooden handles – Homebase have cute ones for €2.50

Kids sized guitars or ukuleles – Smyths or Argos

Wooden recorders


Diaries / Notebooks

Flash Cards 

Card Games – Tesco have inexpensive card game sets for about €3

And of course books



2 Responses to “Non-Plastic Gifts for Kids”

  1. mooremom523 Says:

    Great ideas… I love Melissa and Doug!

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