Parenting – The low-down on Colic

June 25, 2011

My daughter colic only appeared after her 3rd week, which introduced me a whole world of hell that i hadn’t counted when pregnant. I thought colic was just a minor ailement easily treated with drops from the chemist – little did i know.

I was surprised at how difficult it was to find out exactly what colic is online so i decide to write up this little synopsis of what i know in order to help others. The term ‘colic’ is used differently by different people.  Most people use the term ‘colic’ to refer to digestion issues but medically the term ‘colic’ is used when a baby cries for more than 2 hours a day for no apparant reason.

My daugher used to cry for most of the day, particularly after eating. She used to pull her legs up into her chest and howl about 30 minutes after having a bottle. Is suspected that she was having a reaction to her formula and I changed her formula 6 times  in an effort to find a solution.  Unfortunately none of them made any difference. Ironically it was only after my daughter got gastroenteritus that her digestion settled down. Maybe the infection strengthened her system … but the crying didn’t stop. It just changed, it wasn’t after feeding anymore it was mainly towards the end of the day, as it is with most babies, but it was more intense and prolonged that with most babies.  My daughter could cry for 3 hours straight with no problem. As you can imagine we used to be exhausted by the time she’s fall asleep at night.

My daughter is nearly 4 now and i know have a better understanding of what was going on with my daughter. She is highly sensitive person and although I don’t know for certain if my daughter experienced excess wind from food intolerance but i’d imagine that even the normal sensation of wind would have driven her to distraction. She still gets quite quite easily and has a volatile nature but the more she understands the calmer she gets.   Apparantly 10-15% of children are highly senstive and I think her colic was a result of her highly senstive nature. If you search highly senstive childre in google you’ll get lots of advice on how to raise with this personality type.  

If you’re child is crying a lot here is a quick check list of things that might be causing it;

  • broken bones (your health nurse should check for this)
  • dislocated joints (health nurse again)
  • reflux /silent reflux. This occurs when after eating some acid comes back up the throat and comes out as vomit. It if doesn’t result in vomitting it’s called silent. It’s often treated with Junior Gavison and keeping your baby upright after feeding but it’s best to get specific advice from your doctor.
  • Lactose or milk protein intolerance. If you suspect your baby might suffer from this you can try goats, soya, lactose-free or milk-protein formula. Be warned they can be quite expensive and from personal experience i can tell you that they taste awful. It’s important to give new formula at least 3 days when you switch to it. I believe that the hospitals can test a dirty nappy to see if a baby has any intolerances.


PS – I did try cranial osteopathy but it only had a temporary effect.


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