Practical Parenting Tips – Toilet Training

May 21, 2011

I found the best way to get my daughter to give up the nappies was to put a potty in front of the TV and to let her run around the house naked. Granted she gave up a fight when it came time to wearing clothes again but it made toilet training a lot easier. We got a comfortable potty and she ended up using it like a seat.

After about two weeks I moved the potty into the bathroom and she started using it in there. I decided not to use nappies at night when we started toilet training. I just thought it would confuse her. In the end it took 3 days for my 2 ½ year-old daughter to go from nappies to a potty but we had accidents on an off (maybe once a week) for a few months. I didn’t mind. I was just glad to see the back of the nappies.

Tip: Using thin sanitary towels are an inexpensive transition tool for toilet training.

Tip: Provide a visual record of your child’s achievements. It makes it easier to grasp the idea of their success.

We covered the toilet with lots of her stickers to get her to feel it was her toilet and we got a pretty pink padded toilet seat to make the transition to the toilet more attractive. It seemed to work but there are two downsides to padded seats. Firstly in the beginning my daughter made a fuss of non-padded seats when we were out and secondly most padded seats don’t fit tightly to the toilet seat so you have to lift your child onto them if you don’t want them and the seat ending up in the loo. This can make it difficult for your child to get to the stage of going to the toilet themselves. I know you can buy seats that lock onto the toilet but we found it such a hassle to remove them when we wanted to use the toilet ourselves.

Tip: I’ve yet to toilet train my son but I’ve heard that using cheerios as targets are a great way to getting boys interested in using the toilet.

Tip: If your little one likes to unwind the entire roll of toilet paper, put it in backward (with the end facing the wall) — it’ll make it harder for them.

Tip: Put a nappy on the carseat so that any accidents during car journeys are easier to clean up.


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