Practical Parenting Tips – Nappies

May 21, 2011

There are two schools of thought when it comes to nappy rash; keep it dry and keep it moist. The first strategy is to keep the genital area dry by using talc, while the second is to keep the area moisturised and protected from urine and faeces by using a barrier cream such as sudocream. I favour the first option, partly because it’s easier and partly because I find that it’s very hard to apply cream to a sore bum without rubbing away the new skin. 

I know they advise cotton wool and water to clean newborns but I found meconium impossible to get off with just cotton wool and water. I used the fragrance free wipes for this stage. I know you can get biodegradable wipes but I just can’t afford them at the moment so I use Aldi’s, which are very good.

Cheaper nappies just don’t seem to have the absorbency of pampers and huggies but I found Aldi nappies perfect for day time so to save ourselves money we use cheaper nappies during the day and save pampers/ huggies nappies for night time.

Our daughter was a terror for giving out every time we changed her nappy. If your child is the same  try putting the changing mat on a softer surface or put a cloth behind their head. You can also try giving them a toy to play with or singing to them. When my daughter got really bad I got very good at changing her nappy while she was standing.



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