Practical Parenting Tips – Health

May 21, 2011

Make sure to keep your child’s feet really warm for the heel prick test. It makes it much easier to get blood from them and so makes the overall experience less stressful.

Most babies start to get rashes and digestive issues in week three. This is completely normal and although you should always check with a doctor if you’re concerned it’s often nothing to worry about.

Syringes are great for administering medicine and if you have to give any unpleasant medicine aim it to the side of the tongue, towards the back and you’ll avoid the taste buds.

It’s amazing how often babies start teething way before their parents cop onto it. If your baby is getting cranky and has any of the following signs it’s probably teething; red bum, runny nappy, red cheeks, drooling, chewing hands. The best remedy is some capol when they’re little and some nurofen after 6 months.

Also kep a First Aid poster close to hand for any emergencies and write up a list of emergency contact numbers before the baby arrives.



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