Practical Parenting – Buggies versus Travel Systems

May 21, 2011

Your choice of prams and carseats basically comes down to one issue; do you mostly travel by public transport or car.  If you travel by public transport a lot then a buggy and a separate car seat is likely to suit you best. Buggies are light, easy to collapse and relatively inexpensive. Travel systems on the other hand tend to be quite expensive and very heavy. They’re ideal for parents who travel a lot by car because you can simply tranfer the car seat onto the pram when you get to your destination without having to wake the baby. Also the car-seats that come as part of a travel system can also double up as a rocker when you’re out visiting friends.

If you’re buying a car and intend on using car seat that needs to be belted in for each trip make sure that the back seat safety belts recoil properly. So many of them don’t and it’s a real pain when they don’t and you’re putting a car seat in a couple of times a day.



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