Help Find Ben Needham

May 21, 2011

Ben Needham from the UK was abducted whilst with his family on the Island of Kos, in Greece in 1991, aged just 21 Months. Much evidence and leads arose but were never properly investigated. To date, Ben has not been found.

You can help find him by

  • circulating his photo by email, on facebook or in your blog
  • liking his facebook page
  • changing your profile picture on facebook to that of Ben’s for a while
  • signing the petition to have his case re-investigated
  • tweeting about Ben’s case to get it trending
  • printing a poster of Ben and putting it up in your locality, in your car, in your resort on holiday
  • putting a picture of Ben on your luggage tags



2 Responses to “Help Find Ben Needham”

  1. Hi there! Thanks for this very helpful information. I hope this year we do find Ben happy and healthy – for the reunion of him and his mother, Kerry.

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