End Sex Trafficking Alan

March 14, 2011

It’s the weekend! And in support of all those women (and girls) forced to sell sex I’ve just sent an email to our new Minister for Justice, Alan Shatter, asking for him to support the Turn Off The Red Light campaign.

His email address is info@justice.ie and you can copy the text below for the email. I tailored the text from from a template on the Turn off the Red Light website. For added impact you can also insert the text into the contact sheet on his website Alan Shatter

A chara,

I am contacting you to urge you to support the campaign, Turn Off the Red Light: End Prostitution in Ireland, which is aimed at bringing legislative reform to the outdated prostitution laws in Ireland.

The evidence shows that Ireland has a thriving sex industry where, on an average day, 1,000 individuals, overwhelmingly women and girls, are offered and purchased (overwhelmingly by men) with complete impunity.

We are calling on the Government to introduce legislation to end the exploitation of women, men and children in the sex industry through the most efficient way known in Europe – by the introduction of penalties for men who purchase others for sex. This approach is practiced in several Nordic countries and has proven to be the best way to combat sex trafficking and prostitution.

Is mise le meas,

Elaine Butler


One Response to “End Sex Trafficking Alan”

  1. elainebutler Says:

    Got a reply from Alan Shatter’s private secretary. Here it is;

    Dear Ms Butler,

    I am directed by the Minister for Justice and Law Reform Mr Alan Shatter T.D., refer to your email below.

    I wish to advise you that in September, 2010 the Dignity Project* arranged a visit to Sweden to learn more about the Swedish model and consider its suitability for implementation in Ireland. The delegation included representation from the Department of Justice and Law Reform. Following that visit, a report was submitted to the then Minster for Justice and Law Reform and subsequently referred to the Attorney General for his views on the legal and constitutional implications of introducing such a ban here. A response from the Attorney General is awaited and will be examined on

    In the meantime, I can advise that the Anti-Human Trafficking Unit in the Department has attended several of the ‘Turn off the Red Light’ events
    around the country.

    Thank you for your interest in this matter.

    Yours sincerely,

    Damien Brennan
    Private Secretary

    *The Dignity Project is an EU funded research project examining services provided to victims of human trafficking, with a view to replicating best
    practice models in partner countries, and is led by the Dublin Employment Pact and the Immigrant Council of Ireland.

    So all we need to do now is hurry up the Attorney General. If you’d like to help email info@ag.irlgov.ie.

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