DIY – Perfect Wallpapering

February 7, 2011


I’ve been spending all weekend wallpapering the bathroom in this funky stripe from Harlequinn. I’ve wallpapered before but now i know it really pays to buy good quality paper. This stuff goes on like a dream. It may not be everyone’s cup of tea but who cares. It’s my bathroom.

If you’re thinking of wallpapering I’ve one question for you. Are you a perfectionist. If not don’t attempt to wallpaper. Wallpapering is best done by people who are fastidious about detail otherwise i’d advise painting. If you are a fastidious perfectionist then go ahead. Here are my tips on how to get the finish your heart desires. It’s not a complete list cause there are loads of DIY with tips on wallpapering. Consider these super-tips to get a perfect finish.  

  • Use a scalpel to cut the paper
  • Use a light, rigid straight edge to guide the scalpal when trimming the top and bottom of wallpaper. I used a thin rectangular piece of perspex as i found it easier to hold than a ruler.
  • Don’t be attempted to cut overlapping pieces of paper. Use a sissors to cut out extra paper before using a knife.
  • I use my hands to smooth out bubbles rather than a squiggee or a sponge. I find i can find them easier that way.
  • I use a damp cloth to press the seams down rather than a seam roller. It closes the join and cleans off any excess paste at the same time. Be careful though, if the cloth is too damp it will damage the paper and don’t rub too hard.
  • The paste along the edges of the paper always seems to dry out on so i use a small art brush to paint additional paste in the areas that need it.
  • Every so often check the straightness of the roll that you’re hanging with a plumb line. That way if you start going off line you can catch it early.
  • If you have to correct the straighness of your wallpapering do it behind a radiator or over a doorway. 
  • When you’re finished wallpapering save some paste in a jar with a tightly fitting lid. That way you can restick any loose bits without having to make up new paste.

And best of luck.


PS – Just thought i’d update you on my wallpapering experiment. The area by the toilet and sink, etc are fine but the area by the bath needs to be stripped. Despite varnishing the water got behind the paper. Not to worry. It was an inexpensive experiment.


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