Practical Parenting Tips – Weaning

February 3, 2011

If your little one is refusing finger food or food on a spoon it may be that their front teeth are cutting through. When this happened with my kids i found that one of following usually worked;

  • using a softer spoon,
  • offering mushy finger-food
  • giving calpol / neurofen / bongella 10 mins before mealtimes to ease the pain
  • giving up on solid food and giving a bottle insteald.

When my kids were moving from mashed food to the same food as us I found it easier to cut up the food with a sizzors than a knife. I just stick the sizzors into a bowl of lasagne or stir fry and snip any large pieces I come across.

Apart from cut-up versions of the family dinner below is a list of other food items that i gave to my kids when they were moving onto finger food. As always you’re the best judge of what your child needs so you decide what you’d like to try.

  • fish-fingers cut-up
  • sausages cut-up
  • cheese on toast
  • tuna mayo on toast
  • boiled egg cut-up
  • toast
  • sweetcorn – these are great when you don’t have time to cook
  • peas – another quick veg
  • baby carrots from a jar – not as good as fresh but great for emergencies
  • cold potatoes cut up and fried
  • skinny chips
  • breadsticks
  • ricecakes (easy to eat and not to messy)
  • boudouir biscuits (stay nice and firm right to the end. If you don’t like sugar on the top you can scrape it off)
  • crackers
  • raisens
  • frozen bite-size pieces of banana
  • frozen raspberries (these crumble up into small pieces very easily when frozen)
  • cherrios
  • shreddies soaked in a little milk
  • spaghetti / noodles (my kids love eating these)
  • Mini pasta shells that you use in soups (Boots sell Annabell Karmel’s range if you can’t find any in the supermarkets)
  • richtea biscuits (This aren’t as messy as liga and not as hard as rusks)
  • Frozen tubes of yoghurt cut into pieces – Adli does an inexpensive range

BTW I found Home Store and more to have the best value in kids cutlery, just €3.50 for each these sets.

BTW bibs with arms are excellent when a baby is starting to fee him/herself. Ikea do a twin pack of inexpensive vinyl ones that you simply wipe clean after meal times



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