Stunning Privacy Film for Windows

January 31, 2011

Gorgeous Privacy Film designed by Maria Liv

I’ve recently ordered this gorgeous privacy film for my bathroom. It’s really hard to get nice window film and it’s so expensive. This stuff is about the same price as your bog-standard stuff and best of all it’s non-adhesive so it’s easier to install. Supposedly! I’ll let you know how i get on.

I found it through a great blog post by someone called Not Martha, which gives a very detailed overview on the options regarding window films.

There are a few different style options but they come in different sizes so make sure the design you pick suits your window’s proportions. The only thing about this website is the minimum order. It’s about €30, which is quite steep so a friend of mine and I ordered together to bring our total over that. Postage wasn’t too bad at €11.



One Response to “Stunning Privacy Film for Windows”

  1. Elaine Butler Says:

    I put the film up about two weeks ago. It’s really easy to put up and looks great but the soap that i was told to add to the water left rings on the film when it dried. So i took it down again and reapplied it just using water, which was just as easy at the soap-water recommended. This product looks great and is so, so easy to install. I’d recommend it to anyone.


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